Nipple Enhancement

Nipples that are inverted or retracted can be resized and reshaped. Flat or inverted nipples can be enhance or corrected as you desire with little to no visible scarring.

These procedures can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast lift.

Plan your treatment

The consultation

At the consultation, the status of the nipple will be fully analysed and you will be advised if you are a suitable candidate for a non surgical soft treatment or you require a minimally invasive cosmetic plastic surgery

A soft treatment can be done at the same day of consultation in the office.

The surgery

It is usually done under local anaesthetics. The procedure usually takes 20min, it is done through a keyhole surgery and leaves virtually invisible scar

After Surgery

The suture are dissolvable, so you do not have to go through the experience of removing them, the wound will be checked at one week.

A special instruction will be given to facilitate maintaining the desired shape of the nipple

Getting you back to work and Normal activities

Getting you back to work and Normal activities

You could go back to work almost immediately.