Breast augmentation imageIs breast augmentation really worth looking into? You might be wondering about the very same thing yourself and for a lot of women who feel held back by their small or asymmetric breast size, the answer is certainly a resounding yes! There’s no denying that a fuller and attractive breast size is something that many women desire and can certainly contribute to a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s hardly surprising then that breast augmentation in Sydney is actually one of the most popular and most sought after cosmetic surgery operations for women.

What you should know about breast augmentation surgery

Now if you are indeed interested in undergoing a breast augmentation surgery operation then it is important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. The price of breast augmentation is no laughing matter and can be quite significant not to mention the details about what is actually involved in such a procedure.

For starters, know that breast augmentation implants can vary in terms of type and size as well as the strategies and methodologies used by plastic surgeons throughout the procedure. In order to make the most out of whatever investment you are looking to make in breast augmentation, it would be best to know all that you can about the said procedure before jumping in on anything.

Now among the most important factors that people need to consider when it comes to breast augmentation is cost. Although the cost of such procedures have gone down over the decades it is still fairly significant especially when opting for an established and reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Hence women interested in the said procedure need to make sure that they are fully prepared to finance the operation and even so, breast surgery isn’t for everybody so expect a good breast surgeon to run some tests to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Ideally, you should be of relatively healthy with no significant medical conditions like diabetes and heart diseases which can jeopardise safe and effective results.

Having determined that you are indeed a good fit for breast augmentation, your breast surgeon will then recommend a breast implant of certain kind and size. Almost all reputable plastic surgeons now days opt for the silicone gel breast implant as it yields more natural looking results and are a lot less susceptible to complications compared to the conventional saline breast implant. Your breast surgeon will then match the results desired with the right breast implant.

Now another thing that women ought to consider in breast augmentation is that opting for a good and capable breast surgeon is extremely important and can mean the difference between getting exactly what you want out of the procedure and botched results which can cost a heck of a lot more to fix. Some choose to opt for less reputable breast surgeons simply because they charge a lot less without considering the risks that they are running into.

The notion “Why pay more when you can get it for less” simply does not apply in breast augmentation surgery – experienced and highly reputable breast surgeons have painstakingly earned the right to charge more for their services compared to their less experienced and less reputable peers as they implement safer and more effective techniques in breast enlargement surgery that often yields the best and most desirable results that patients can appreciate and quickly recover from.

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Here are a couple of other things that women ought to know about undergoing breast augmentation:

  • It is an invasive surgical procedure done with general anaesthesia – this is often a fact that a lot of women fail to consider when it comes to breast surgery operations. Indeed it is a cosmetic procedure done primarily to improve a woman’s physical appearance but it is still an invasive surgical procedure and hence subject to the same risks as any surgical operation.
  • Yes it does involve the use of anaesthesia and in most cases; you’ll be asleep throughout the procedure. The kind of anaesthesia and the means in which it is administered can vary which is something that the breast surgeon and anaesthetist will have to decide on. Such a decision can greatly affect results and recovery times so again it is important to have an established and qualified breast surgeon on the job for the best possible results.
  • As an invasive surgical procedure, breast augmentation of course involves making incisions on the breast area in which to properly insert and position the breast implants. An experienced and highly reputable breast surgeon ought to be able to create the necessary incisions with the least tissue damage and scarring for quicker recovery times and desirable results. You can expect a good breast surgeon to create the incisions around hidden areas surrounding the breasts such as the arm pit, the area around the nipples and the base of the breast.
  • The shape, size and location of the incision all depend on type of and size of the breast implant used as well as the anatomy of the patient. Your breast surgeon will then carefully introduce the breast implant through the incision and secure it in place to produce the desired effect. The incisions are then closed using multiple sutures secured with surgical adhesives that slowly disappear as the incisions heals.

Is breast enlargement surgery really for you?

Now at this point we’ve pretty much covered what women ought to expect and consider when it comes to breast augmentation. However the question remains – is it really the right solution for you? Well it certainly is if you are looking for a truly effective solution towards a fuller and more desirable breast size. Nothing else comes close to it when it comes to results although the procedure can be a lot of trouble and expensive to undergo.

Recovery also takes some time not to mention the ton of preparations that have to be made but a lot women would agree that the results from breast augmentation makes it all worth it!