Setting expectations for a breast augmentation consultation in Sydney

Have you booked a breast augmentation consultation in Sydney and not sure about what to expect? Let’ say you’ve done your research and now have a short list of surgeons that you want to consider for the operation. The next step is to of course come in and meet them! The consultation process is the perfect opportunity for women to raise all of their questions and concerns regarding the procedure. More importantly it’s a good opportunity to assess the breast surgeon yourself.

Now when it comes to selecting a breast surgeon, it’s important to do your research but don’t disregard your own instincts as well. During your breast augmentation consultation in Sydney, you may have a good or bad feeling about a particular surgeon based on your own impressions. Was the surgeon attentive to your needs? Does he seem professional to you? Was he at all interested in the results that you wanted to achieve? These are the kind of questions that you ought to keep in mind at the start of the consultation

Things to bring during the breast augmentation consultation

You can begin by making sure that you show up for the consultation in time. Time is precious and that can be true both for the patient and that of her breast surgeon. Make sure that you’ve prepared and brought a list of questions that you want your surgeon to tackle for you. You might also want to print out some images of how you want your breasts to appear following the operation and perhaps some top garments or bathing suits that you would like to perfectly fit into after the operation.

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Meeting your breast surgeon

During the consultation, you ought to be able to meet and get to know your breast surgeon – never settle for anything less. If a surgeon can’t find the time to meet you in person for a consultation, how can you expect them to truly understand your breast augmentation needs? The consultation process presents a perfect opportunity for patients to interview and find out all that they can about their breast surgeon. Women should never feel rushed in any way and a good breast surgeon ought to have their patients walk away from the process with all their questions and concerns answered.

When walking in for a breast augmentation consultation in Sydney, you can certainly expect the following:

  • To have all your fears, concerns and questions answered
  • A comprehensive discussion of your medical history
  • Discuss the specifics of the operation – the kind of implant to be used, administering anaesthetics, the incisions to made and the strategic placement of the implants
  • Tackle and understand the risks of breast augmentation surgery. Patients will be given a consent and information sheet about the risk of breast implants and anaesthetics which are no different from any invasive surgical procedure.
  • To be provided with references to some of your surgeon’s previous patients and be show “before and after” photos of their work
  • To be given a short tour of the site or at the very least be shown the facilities where the operation will be performed
  • To be fully informed of your surgeon’s background – education, experience, license and qualifications
  • To be fully informed of the total cost of the procedure

Medical Tests and History

Yet another thing that women can expect during a breast augmentation consultation in Sydney is to undergo a full physical check up which will of course involve a breast exam. The surgeon will inspect the current shape and size of your breasts as well as the nipples and the inframammary folds below each breast. Your breast surgeon may also measure the distance between the breasts and test skin thickness and elasticity by tugging or pinching the skin in and around the breasts. All these factors are good indicators for determining whether or not a patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure. More importantly, it enables your breast surgeon to creating the best recommendations with regards to breast implant type, size and placement.

Women can also expect their breast surgeon to confront them about why they want the breast augmentation procedure in the first place if only to make sure that you approach the process with the right mindset and maintain the right expectations.

During a breast augmentation consultation in Sydney, your complete medical history will be open for review. Any underlying medical issues such as diabetes or heart problems may require the approval of your primary physician. You’ll also be asked to disclose known allergies and a complete list of medications that you are currently taking. Don’t withhold any information during the consultation for any reason – doing so can greatly increase the risk of complications!

The cost of breast augmentation surgery

Women can expect full disclosure of the total cost towards the end of a breast augmentation consultation in Sydney. Be wary of breast surgeons who seem vague on the matter as you certainly don’t want to deal with any hidden charges. Your surgeon ought to be able to give you accurate estimate as well as a complete breakdown of the total cost which includes the price of the breast implants, anaesthetics, facility fees and your surgeon’s professional fee. Other fees may include the cost of medications and pre-operative expenses. Upfront cost can be significant which is why most patients opt for financing options – you can ask your surgeon all about it!

So there you have it – some of the things that you can expect out of the consultation process! All that’s left is to decide whether to actually book the operation or not. Breast augmentation consultation in Sydney might seem like a bother but making the most out of the process is a vital step in making sure that you make the best out of such a complex and life-changing procedure!