Freaky FacesFreaky faces! Dr Barnouti’s word of wisdom

When the quest for beauty goes horribly wrong

She swears she’s a natural beauty, but there was nothing natural – or that beautiful – about Kim Kardashian when she stepped out with what looked like a completely new face.

The reality queen turned heads for all the wrong reasons, sporting puffy cheeks and a classic plastic-surgery faux pas – the trout pout.

“She most likely has had cheek and lip enhancements,” Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti tells NW.

“Her cheek enhancement looks natural so she quite likely had it done with fat injections. She also quite likely has had an eyebrow lift with antiwrinkle injection”

Kim’s face seems to have been in constant transformation during her time in the limelight, although the 30-year-old star insists she’s only dabbled in face-freezing antiwrinkle injection.

However, the buxom brunette has professed she’s “totally not against plastic surgery” and has revealed she would consider having a facelift in the future.

“I would definitely get surgery one day,” she’s said. “I think every woman needs a lift!”

Looks like the future is here…

Face Lift

Face Surgery

LiLo’s too lippie

Lindsay Lohan might have ditched the drugs, but the troubled star still opts for lip injections, stepping out with a pair of larger-than-life smackers. “She looks like she had a lip augmentation with dermal fillers. Her lips certainly look swollen and pouty,” Dr Barnouti notes.

Face Surgery

Tara’s deformed nose

Brit socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, 39, is the poster girl for what drug addiction can do to your features. In 2006, she had an operation to repair her septum after it collapsed due to her former $620-a-day cocaine habit. Her nose has since been bent to the right. Tara hopes to have her schnoz fixed soon.

Face Surgery

Swiss misfit

Before her addiction to surgery took hold, Swiss-born Jocelyn was undoubtedly a natural beauty

The real cougar

Jocelyn Wildenstein, age unknown, looked like the cat that got the cream when out to dinner in LA. And rightly so! We never thought we’d say this, but she actually looks better than she’s done in years. Nicknamed “The Bride of Wildenstein”, Jocelyn has spent a reported $4 million on plastic surgery to resemble an exotic cat.

Face Surgery

Tori’s bad nose day

Having no qualms about letting cosmetic surgeons lend Mother Nature a helping hand, Tori Spelling admits to rhinoplasty and a boob job. Although the actress turned author has been copping a lot of flak for the latter – her breast implants have been branded the most botched in showbiz – now her nose also appears to be the victim of plastic surgery gone wrong.

“A deviated nose is certainly an indication of a bad nose job,” Dr Barnouti explains to NW. “Not only does Tori have a bumpy nose, but her tip is actually deviated to the left side. It gives an impression that the whole nose is shifted to one side. I am greatly surprised that she has not had it corrected.”

Face Surgery

Rose has a new face

Rose McGowan used to mesmerise us with her enchanting looks in Charmed. Nowadays, the 37-year-old looks like she’s become BFFs with the surgeon’s scalpel, and is barely recognisable.

“She has a more round face than she used to have,” Dr Barnouti notes.

He believes Rose has had her eyebrows enhanced with dermal fillers soften the laugh lines.

Dr Barnouti also notes Rose has a better definition between the cheek and mid-face area, which might suggest she has had fatty lumps removed from the mid-face area. It also looks as if she may have had her nose tweaked.

It’s time to step away from the surgeon, Rose!