Body liposuction imageAre you interested in body liposuction but worried about how much the procedure is actually cost you? Well read on for a general idea on the cost of such a procedure as a cosmetic surgical treatment.

Now there are no hard numbers and the cost of liposuction can actually vary greatly depending on the problem areas being treated.

Here at Australia Plastic Surgery, liposculpture starts at $4,900 for treating 1 problem area up to $9,500 for the treatment of 4 problem areas. This includes the plastic surgeon’s fee and that of his/her assistants, hospital fees, anaesthetics and the cost of follow up visits. Get in touch with us today at 02 9561 0200 or 1300 004 008 to arrange a consultation and learn more.

Of course others may charge a lot more or less but expect the cost to reach several thousand dollars especially when multiple problem areas are involved. The cost of body liposuction can also differ among plastic surgeons. Experienced and reputable plastic surgeons certainly are in a position to charge more for their services in exchange for the proven and highly desirable results that they offer.

Be wary of surgeons that charge prices that seem too good to be true as the latter often lack training and experience which often results to botched operations.

Other factors that ought to be considered in body liposuction cost may also include travel and accommodation cost that is if your chosen plastic surgeon caters to another geographic region. However, such expenses need not create a significant impact on total cost.

Financing options in liposuction

Indeed there are various factors to be considered when it comes to estimating total costs in body liposuction. For one thing, the patient’s gender can be a factor no matter how routine a liposuction procedure is. Liposuction operations performed on men typically cost a lot more than women as they are often a lot more extensive.

A patient’s age and state of health may also be a significant factor as underlying medical conditions can add to the complexity of the operation. Ideally, liposuction is not for people with heart problems, diabetes, immune system disorders or a known predisposition for blood clots and blood flow problems.

Considering the significant cost of body liposuction or just about any cosmetic surgical operation for that matter, plastic surgeons typically do not expect patients to pay for the services rendered upfront. Financing options are always available and you merely need to discuss it with your plastic surgeon.

Body liposuction can be on various problem areas by plastic surgeons with different skills and qualifications. Surgeons can make use of different tools and methodologies many of which will significantly affect cost.

Just as it is with any other cosmetic surgical procedure, the cost of body liposuction can generally broken down into 3 areas – the plastic surgeon’s fee, the cost of anaesthetics and fees covering the use of the medical facility.

Other miscellaneous expenses include bandages, laboratory examinations, compression garments and other necessary expenses in patient care following the operation. In some case, patients may also be prescribed to avail of additional treatments such as pain therapy, massage and ultrasound which are all pertinent expenses.

Patients can have their plastic surgeon advise them well in advance regarding these expenses if only to more accurately anticipate the cost of body liposuction.