Do I need to exercise after getting liposuction in Australia?

Liposuction in Australia is an excellent solution for quickly eliminating problem areas of the body – love handles, muffin tops and other unsightly pocket fats. Getting rid of such problem areas can be difficult if not outright impossible for many people without undergoing a tummy tuck in Australia. However, opting for liposculpture in Australia (as the procedure is alternatively called) is no reason to forget doing any exercises altogether. As a matter of fact, good and reputable liposuction plastic surgeons highly encourage their patients to adopt a good exercise program shortly after the procedure.

Recent studies have shown that quickly eliminating fat through abdominoplasty in Australia followed by a sedentary lifestyle can cause people to gain visceral fat – the kind that accumulates deep around a person’s organs and increases one’s chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Regular exercise shortly after the procedure serves to mitigate this effect as mentioned in a study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM). Hence for people undergoing liposuction in Australia, exercising is important if not essential in order to maintain the desired results and avoid any significant health problems in the process.

Preventing weight gain after a tummy tuck in Australia

Indeed liposuction is a quick and effective way of permanently removing fat cells on problem areas of the body resulting in a significantly fewer fat cells on the area concerned hampering fat production. However, fat cells located elsewhere in the body can end up making up for the difference. The JCEM study involved 36 women who all underwent abdominal liposuction with 18 of them engaging in an exercise program 2 months after the operation. The study found that the rest of the women who didn’t exercise at all 6 months after the surgery experienced a 10 percent growth in visceral fat.

Here the team at Australia Plastic Surgery constantly remind our patients that liposuction in Australia is not meant to be a shortcut towards permanent weight loss. The procedure can certainly help patients lose weight by removing a significant volume of fat but liposuction is really more of a contouring process.

Liposuction is designed to tighten tone and trim a patient’s physique. While it is extremely effective in improving one’s figure, patients need to do the one sensible thing to maintain the results – adopt a good diet and exercise program! If fat cells are rapidly taken from one area of the body, it tends to compensate thru an increase in fat production in other areas. People gain weight because of metabolic factors none of which are affected by liposuction.

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