Breast Augmentation sydney

Small breasts are a thing of the past. To enhance small breasts that have been damaged from birth (congenital breasts defects), in teenage years (developmental breasts deformity) or caused by breast illness, breast surgery, or breast accident is one of the most important reasons for seeking breast augmentation and breast implant surgery in Sydney Australia at Dr Barnouti’s Practice.

If you are seeking breast enlargement surgery, then there are many things you need to know and plan for:

  1. Time off work 8-14 days. Light duties and secretary work 8 days, heavier duties 14 days after breast augmentation.
  2. Sport Bra requires to be worn for 4 weeks after breast augmentation surgery.
  3. Full Duties including Gym activities 6 weeks after breast augmentation.
  4. You cannot drive, drink or sign any important document in the first 48 hours after your breast implants surgery.
  5. You most have realistic expectation. Breast Implants average size is 250-400ml.
  6. The objective of surgery is to provide women with proportionate and natural looking breasts. Dr Barnouti, Breast implants specialist, will recommend the right breast implant for you. Dr Barnouti is renowned for producing the best breast implants in Sydney using Brazilian breast implants, American and European implants
  7. It is very important that you do your research and ask plenty of questions in regard to your breast enlargement surgery in Sydney Australia.
  8. Discuss the different possibilities for placement of the breast implants, under the muscle or above the muscle. Dr Barnouti will advise you accordingly
  9. Cost of breast augmentation Surgery. How much does it cost to have breast augmentation-breast implants surgery in Sydney? You should pay between $10,000 -$12,500. Breast augmentation in Sydney should not cost more than that. Dr Barnouti’s Breast implants specialist charges  a total of $10,900 inclusive of absolutely everything (including Surgeon’s fee, Assistant Surgeons fee, Anesthetist’s fee,  operating theatre, GST and all follow up visits cost). Cost covers: your choice of teardrop breast implants, round breast implants, Brazilian breast implants or any other breast implants you wish. We do not charge more for teardrop implants unlike most other practices.
  10. Discuss with Dr Barnouti, Breast implants Dr in Sydney, if you require breast lift and breast augmentation. The breast implants procedure will be tailored according to the degree of your breast sagginess and your breast will be lifted.
  11. To discuss your breast augmentation in Sydney, schedules an appointment with your Plastic surgeon Dr Barnouti and bring along your partner and a list of questions that you have so you will not forget to ask any of them.
  12. An information sheet and breast augmentation after care sheet will be provided for you during the breast consultation.
  13. Instructions from Dr Barnouti, Sydney Breast augmentation Doctor, should be followed. These instructions when followed will effectively and quickly heal your pains and help you to recover.
  14. Breast augmentation lift surgery by Dr Barnouti will improve your self-esteem and confidence. Saggy breasts will be lifted; small breast will be enlarged and augmented. In every step of the process, you will be involved so that he most possible outcome will be achieved with your breast augmentation surgery by Dr Barnouti, Sydney Breast Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.