Are you wondering about what breast enlargement in Sydney is like?

A breast enlargement in Sydney is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical operations in the country sought after by hundreds of women looking to have a fuller and more attractive breast size. This begs the question though – what is the operation actually like? What can patients typically expect when going under the knife with a breast surgeon?

Now perhaps the first thing that women ought to know about getting breast implants in Sydney is that it is an invasive surgical procedure. Hence a significant amount of pain and discomfort is to be expected all of which can be managed with pain medications and the breast surgeon’s skills which is also a factor in quick recovery. The operation takes around an hour or two to complete but might take longer depending on the complexity of the operation and whether other types of breast surgery operations are involved – breast lift, nipple correction surgery, breast reduction surgery, etc.

The typical experience for breast surgery in Sydney

Breast surgery in Sydney typically starts off through a consultation with a good and reputable breast augmentation specialist who will then assess your needs and clear you for the procedure. Hence patients can expect to undergo a battery of tests if only to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Note that some medications and medical conditions can leave patients predisposed to post-operative complications so make sure that you discuss your full medical history with your surgeon during the consultation who will then set a schedule for your operation. You can book a consultation today with Australia Plastic Surgery by calling 02 9561 0200 or 1300 004 008!

During and after the operation

So let’s say it’s the big day of your operation! Breast enhancement in Sydney normally starts out with the proper administration of the required aesthetics. As an invasive surgical procedure, breast enlargement in Sydney is performed under general anaesthetics which mean that patients will be unconscious for the duration of the operation. Careful incisions will then be made for the proper insertion of the breast implants which your surgeon ought to have carefully selected during the consultation to achieve the desired results. Of course some additional cosmetic breast operations might be necessary depending on the intended results.

Immediately after the procedure, a significant amount of pain and discomfort is to be expected along with some bruising and swelling. Your surgeon may set up drainage for 24 hours to help with the swelling and prescribe pain meds to better manage the pain. Recovery should take no more than 3 weeks and except for patients with strenuous professions, it may be possible to get back to work in 1 week. Granted that you’ve opted for the services of a skilled and reputable surgeon and that you’ve followed all post-operative instructions, complications as a result of breast enlargement in Sydney are considerably rare making it one of the safest cosmetic surgical procedures in the business.