About Us

Australia Plastic Surgery is one of the pre-eminent plastic surgery facilities in Sydney. At Australia Plastic Surgery, the focus is on quality advanced cosmetic plastic surgery. With this in mind, Dr Laith Barnouti and Dr Kohout emphasize pre-operative education, intra-operative technique, and post-operative comfort. Central to this idea is the treatment of the patient as an individual, tailoring care to the patient’s particular needs. Dr Kohout and Dr Barnouti are Australian trained Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons with FRACS (Plast); a key credential indicating their complete, extensive training and ongoing educational and ethical standards.

Each patient will experience careful consideration by the surgeon and staff at Australia Plastic Surgery. Thorough examination, including a medical history, is utilized to optimize the patient’s outcome. Realistic expectations are discussed, with in depth conversation about options, risks, and benefits for each procedure considered. It is important that patients do not feel pressured in the decision making process. Careful time and thought is encouraged before deciding about any surgical procedures.

Australia Plastic Surgery’s surgeons are committed to achieving a non-operated look in all of the procedures that they perform. Whether the patient’s goals are a refreshed appearance to their face, or a major change in the contour of their breast or body, the emphasis should be on appearing as though the result is natural.

With the multitudes of information abundant on the Internet, journals as well as the television, we find that our sophisticated patient population is often very well informed. Dr. Barnouti and Dr Kohout feel that this information should be augmented and clarified during the consultation process such that the most well considered decisions can be made. The patient’s wishes and the patient’s safety are the primary interests of everyone at our facility. We look forward to helping you make the right decision about your health.

Please enjoy browsing through Australia Plastic Surgery web site. We designed Australia Plastic Surgery website to make it simple for you to browse and understand each procedure.

Each procedure simplified and explained as:

  • The consultation
  • The Surgery
  • After Surgery
  • Getting you back to normal duties and activities

Throughout it you will find valuable and comprehensive advanced cosmetic plastic surgery information and procedures:

  • Face plastic surgery,
  • Breast plastic surgery,
  • Body plastic surgery,
  • Buttock plastic surgery,
  • Genital plastic surgery and
  • Limbs plastic surgery.

Please refer to our pages on contacting the office and finding our facility should you wish to make an appointment to plan your plastic surgery.