Australia Plastic Surgery

At Australia Plastic Surgery, Our surgeons emphasize pre-operative education, intra-operative technique, and post-operative comfort. At the core of this idea is the unique treatment of each patient and the consideration of their individual needs. Our surgeons are Australian trained Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons with FRACS (Plast); a crucial credential that indicates their complete, extensive training and knowledge of ongoing educational and ethical standards.

At Australia Plastic Surgery, each patient will experience careful consideration by the surgeon and staff. Thorough examinations, including a medical history, are utilized to optimize the patient’s outcome. Realistic expectations are discussed, including in-depth conversations regarding the options, risks and benefits for each procedure. It is important that patients do not feel pressured in the process of decision making. Time and careful thought are encouraged before deciding on any surgical procedures.

With the abundance of information online, we find that our sophisticated patient population is often very well informed. Our surgeons strive to build upon and clarify this knowledge, enabling patients to make a well-informed decision. The patient’s wishes and safety are the primary interests of everyone at our facility. We look forward to helping you make the right decision for your health.

Please enjoy browsing the Australia Plastic Surgery website. We have designed the website so it is easy to browse and understand each procedure.

Each procedure can be simplified into the following stages:

  • The consultation
  • The Surgery
  • After Surgery
  • Getting you back to normal duties and activities

Throughout the website you will find valuable and comprehensive information regarding our advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

  • Face plastic surgery,
  • Breast plastic surgery,
  • Body plastic surgery,
  • Buttock plastic surgery,
  • Genital plastic surgery and
  • Limbs plastic surgery.

Please refer to our pages on contacting the office and finding our facility should you wish to make an appointment to plan your plastic surgery.


The consultation is $300 Get a local doctor’s referral to claim $76 back from Medicare or $104 if you have private health fund. Generally, a referral is only required if you would like to claim some money back.


The initial consultation is very important. It usually lasts 45-60min. Australia Plastic Surgery’s surgeons will help you make the right decision regarding your health by choosing the right treatment for you.

Australia Plastic Surgery’s surgeons will listen to you carefully and discuss your goals and expectations. All the latest information, science and technology in advanced cosmetic surgery will be explained to you, including the surgical and non-surgical “soft treatment” options. Our consultation is designed to facilitate good communication, which we believe is the key to making successful choices.

You will be shown comparisons of pre- and post-procedure results, as well as photos of the procedure itself. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Understanding the Treatment

The Treatments at Australia Plastic Surgery is simplified into 2 categories, soft touch treatment and surgical treatment:

Surgical treatment

If surgery is planned, then our surgeons will give you specific instructions on how to prepare, including guidelines on eating, drinking, smoking, and taking/avoiding certain medications. Carefully following these instructions will help your surgery go more smoothly.

The Day of Surgery

Many of our surgical procedures allow you to return home the same day, but some require you to stay in hospital overnight.

  • Minor surgery under local anaesthetics: patients are able to drive immediately, no need to fast unless otherwise specified, usually done in the Australia Plastic Surgery office.
  • Any surgery that requires sedation or general anaesthetic: arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery, need to fast for 6 hours before surgery, usually done in hospital settings.

After Your Surgery

  • When you return home after a procedure, you will always be given a card with information about your next visit, the phone numbers of the Australia Plastic Surgery clinic and of the surgeon involved so that you can contact him day and night. The operated site will be covered with dressing. Pain-killers or antibiotics will be prescribed if necessary.
  • A Postoperative instruction will be provided for you. (Bruising varies from person to person, usually lasting anywhere from two days to three weeks).
  • The dressing and stitches will be removed at our Australia Plastic Surgery clinic at the appropriate time

Getting You Back to Work And Normal Activities

You will be given specific instructions on when you can go back to work, the level of duties you may undertake and the time after which you may recommence full duties. Generally, we encourage people to go back to work sooner rather than later. If you are to have a complex Plastic surgery, you will probably be instructed to keep your activities to a minimum for few days especially activities that raise your blood pressure, including bending, lifting, and rigorous sports.