The position of the eye brow is very important in determining the appearance of the eyes and in turn, the face as a whole. The eye brow descends with the advancing age from a position above the eye socket rim to lie level or below the rim later in life. This produces the appearance of a “heavy brow”, smaller eye and increases the folding of upper eyelid skin. The overall effect on facial appearance is that of brooding or worried countenance and tired look.

Repositioning of the brow to a higher, youthful position can be achieved with a clever operation through small incisions within the hairline. Modern endoscopic techniques are then used to elevate the brow with the use of a miniature camera and specialised instruments. The effect of a brow lift is usually subtle but noticeable in the way it opens up and “brightens” the eyes. It creates the impression of a youthful, well-rested and welcoming face.

Brow lift is often combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as eyelid surgery and facelift to achieve an overall effect.

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