At Australia Plastic Surgery we use an advanced technique called structural micro fat grafting, a revolutionary technique that utilises the patient’s own body fat as a natural, living filler to achieve precise structural alterations.

Structural microfat grafting fills and restores the fullness that is lost due to aging. It can be used on all areas of the face including the chin, nose, neck, jaw line, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, brow, upper eyelids, temples and lips.

It can also be used on the following areas of the body: breasts, buttocks, and areas of the lower body.

Fat injection, or lipofilling, reduces wrinkles and creases and plumps up areas that have lost volume as a result of surgery, injury, aging or other causes. Transplanted fat that comes from the patient does not carry a risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Other advantages include a short recovery time and long-lasting results.

Liposuction Deformities

Liposuction is performed more than any other plastic surgery procedure in the world. However, this procedure can produce iatrogenic liposuction deformities. Essentially, these are deformities that include exaggerations of pre-existing irregularities, cellulite, and newly-created imperfections.
The thigh and abdomen are particularly prone to this, and a surprising number of practitioners are ill-equipped to deal with these common side-effects.
The good news is that these body surface irregularities can be easily treated with Structural Microfat Grafting. Even though they are challenging to deal with, our three-dimensional visualization of the problem is often the correct way to create the perfect outcome.


Our hands are one of a person’s most important features. One of the first contacts we have with new people is through our hands, and they are always on show.
Hands that show visible signs of ageing are often a giveaway as to how old we are, or worse still, may make us appear older than we actually are.
Fat injections are a good solution. The key to recreating youthful hands is to create an integrated layer of fat grafts over the back of the hands. This makes the skin look and feel fuller whilst obscuring veins and tendons.