The buttocks are the centre of the posterior body and play a very important role in its contour. The buttocks play the same role as the breasts do on the front of a woman. Buttocks Augmentation can reshape, increase volume, and lift the gluteus. The results are a more youthful and perkier appearance.

Planning Your Buttock Enhancement Treatment

Your Buttocks Enhancement Surgery Consultation

The buttocks are not easily enlarged by weight training or diet.

Individuals that wish to enlarge, lift, and reshape the buttock mounds have two options:

  1. Enlargement with fat transfer using your own fat,
  2. A variety of different size and shape butt implants from which the patient can choose.

The decision is made depending on each person’s individual desires and on their general body build. Generally, anyone in average physical condition or good health is a candidate for buttocks augmentation surgery.

The Surgery

Fat Transfer: a minimally invasive procedure that involves suctioning fat from other parts of the body purifying it and transplanting it into the buttock area to look as natural as possible. It is usually done under general anaesthetic as a day case. You will go home the same day with a quick recovery time. Fat transfer is less painful than buttock implants.

Buttock Implants: a bigger operation that delivers permanent results. It involves a 5-7cm incision placed over the midline of the tailbone. Through this incision, the buttock muscle (gluteus maximus) is identified and dissected to create a large enough pocket for the implant. The implant will be inserted and positioned to look natural.

The patient will require a stay in hospital overnight. Pain medications are typically prescribed to help with discomfort. Some patients will require drains overnights.

There is usually minor swelling and bruising after buttock augmentation and the results will be noticeable immediately after surgery. The procedure is done under General Anaesthesia or/and epidural anaesthetics.

After the Surgery

Fat Transfer: quick recovery time, and pain is usually tolerable with simple analgesia.

Buttock Implants: The patient will be very uncomfortable for the first few days. It is difficult to find any position to get comfortable. It is advisable that someone is with the patient for several days following the surgery to help them get out of bed, prepare meals, etc. It will take a few days before the patient finds it more comfortable to walk about and get back to daily activities.

The dressing should remain dry and intact for a few days. The patient will be reviewed at the clinic seven days after surgery for wound and implant check.

Getting Back to Daily Activities after Buttocks Enhancement Surgery Surgery

Fat Transfer: back to work in two days’ time, and daily activities in 7-10 days.

Buttock Implants: full activities including gym, work, bicycling, and running can usually be resumed approximately four weeks following surgery. It may take up eight months until the results feel as if they’re part of the body and the patient forgets that they are there.