Face Lift Sydney – Rhytidectomy - Face Recontouring Surgery

Aging of the face affects each patient individually. Therefore, consideration of any facial rejuvenation or recontouring is a very personal decision. The facelift procedure, or rhytidectomy, addresses many aspects of the aging face in order to restore a refreshed and youthful appearance. The common regions of interest among patients are typically the jowls and cheeks. With age, there is a loss of youthful volume in the mid-face region in most patients. There may also be concerns regarding the definition of the jaw line, or excess tissue around the neck which is visible as fullness, vertical bands, or the blunting of the angle below the jaw. The appearance of lines near your eyelids and mouth may also be evident as well as a lowering in the position of your brow. The facelift operation must be specifically tailored to each and every patient.

The 21st century approach to facial rejuvenation involves more than a tightening of the skin and deep tissue. It is a comprehensive strategy to produce a youthful appearance. It involves minimal scarring, skin resurfacing, liposuction, targeted liposuction, volumetric restoration and laser surgery, all in a synergistic surgical approach. It is our specific knowledge of facial anatomy, combined with a breadth of surgical techniques and the latest technology in plastic surgery that enables us to create an individualised approach for facial rejuvenation. The 21st century approach of facial beauty emphasises the importance of shifting facial volumes rather than applying traction on the skin. The restoration of facial volumes is more important than the amount of skin resected, the tension on the skin or the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS).

Being one of the most technically demanding areas in plastic surgery, Doctors Barnouti and Kohout take pride in their approach to face lift, rejuvenation, and recontouring surgeries.

We advise you to bring along images of yourself when you were younger (20-30 years of age), preferably not smiling. We will study these photographs to determine the volumes and shapes needed to restore the healthy, desirable structure of youth.

Your Facelift Consultation

When considering a facelift procedure, we must assess your facial balance. This includes your skin quality, the appearance and position of facial lines, and the bony facial structure. The meticulous analysis of a patient’s facial form is one of the most interesting and complex aspects of plastic surgery. Our surgeons, Dr. Kohout and Dr. Barnouti, will take you through all the facial issues that need to be addressed, thoroughly explaining the treatment available for your specific condition. These consultations are highly informative and educational. One of the most important aspects of facial surgery is to establish patients expectations, as well as distinguish between facial rejuvenation and facial recontouring.

Facial Rejuvenation

This procedure is most appropriate when the patient wants to look 10-15 years younger but still themselves. This is what most patients want to achieve.

Facial Recontouring

This produces highly significant facial changes. Not many patients elect to undergo major changes, so it is of paramount importance that we establish this before you decide on your procedure.

Options for facial rejuvenation and recontouring range from mini face lift, laser, chemical peel, dermabrasion, liposuction, lipofilling, soft treatments, or a combined synergistic approach.

The difference between mini, short scar, and full face lifts are:

Mini Face Lift: The incision/scar will be hidden above the hairline. Mini Face Lifts have a short recovery time of 2-5 days, and lower cost.

Short Scar Face Lift: The incision/scar is at the junction of the ear and the side of the cheek. It finishes at the earlobe and does not extend behind the ear. This incurs an average cost, and an average recovery time of 5-8 days.

Full Face Lift: The incision/scar is at the junction of the cheek and the side of the cheek. It extends behind the ear and reaches the scalp. This has a higher cost and is a longer procedure. Recovery times can be up to 8-14 days.

After making the right incision, the surgeon then separates the skin from the fat and muscle below.

Fat may be trimmed or suctioned from around the neck and chin to improve the contour.

The surgeon then tightens the underlying muscle and membrane, pulls the skin back, and trims the excess.

Volume is usually added to certain areas to enhance it e.g. cheek bone areas.

Liposuction usually done for the neck and targeted facial area.

Other synergistic procedures are often included e.g. tear trough, eyelids, and cheek enhancement surgery may be performed to optimise the results.

Finally, the incisions are secured with resorbable stitches, so you do not need to go through the inconvenience of removing them.

The procedure will take between 90 minutes and 6 hours depending on the extent of face lift, rejuvenation, or contouring procedure. It can be done under General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetics with some sedation.

If a general anaesthetic is used, you will need to stay in hospital overnight. If only local aesthetic and sedation is used then we will help arrange for you to go home on the same day with some support.

A bandage covering the whole treated area must be worn for 24 hours.

Routinely, we will be seeing you twice within the first week to review the wound and make sure that you are comfortable. The stitches are resorbable so they do not need to be taken away as they usually fall apart by themselves.

Temporary bruising under the eyes is common and subsides gradually after the first week.

Initially, your face will feel stiff and appear artificially tightened.

This subsides naturally and the process can be accelerated by the application of cold compresses to the affected areas.

You will need to rest completely for the first 48 hours. During this time, you should be careful to avoid sudden head movements.

Normal activity can be resumed in about 5 days after mini face lifts, 8 days after short scar face lifts, and 14 days after full face lifts.