A cheek augmentation is perfect for patients desiring a striking and well-proportioned face.

This procedure strengthens your profile by creating high and full cheekbones. The procedure also provides more projection laterally and frontally, achieving a more youthful appearance.

The amazing thing about a cheek augmentation is the amount of difference created in the patient’s appearance from one small change to the face.

There are several different procedures that achieve cheek augmentation, and your surgeon will clarify the differences during your consult. This procedure is easily combined with other surgeries such as skin wrinkle fillers for optimal results.

The different procedures of cheek augmentation are outlined below:

1-Soft-touch treatment: This is by far the simplest option. We use injectable dermal fillers, both temporary and permanent. These are injected with a fine needle in the comfort of our office. It is available with and without local anaesthetics.

While this procedure provides an immediate result, it only lasts for 3-6 months. After this you will need another injection. However, over time the effect may begin to last longer, occasionally enduring up to 8 months.

Recently, longer-lasting, skin-wrinkle fillers have come on the market, which may give you a similar result that lasts for up to 3 years. This treatment is provided at the same day of consultation in the office and may require local anaesthetics.

2-Surgical procedure: If you want a permanent solution then it’s best to go for the surgical option.

This is done in a hospital under either a local or general anaesthetic and takes around 60 minutes.

This procedure utilises your own fatty tissue or an implant to provide a long lasting refinement to the mid-face area.

If we use your own tissue there is no scar. If we use an implant there will be a small 3-4 cm scar inside your mouth. This will heal, and the stitches will dissolve on their own.

For help deciding which treatment is best for you, book your consultation now and discuss your options with your surgeon.

This surgery is only a day procedure so there is no overnight stay.

Patients must be careful not to consume warm fluids or hot meals for 24 hours prior to surgery.

Swelling lasts approximately 1-2 weeks and can be reduced simply by keeping your head elevated.

You will need to rest for 2-3 days and then build up with light duties for the next week.

You will be back into normal activities in 10-14 days time.