As we age, the elasticity of the skin and its supporting substances deteriorate. Lip augmentation, lift and projection enhancement is one of the most commonly requested procedures at Australia Plastic Surgery.

Planning your treatment (Surgical and non-surgical Soft treatment)

Careful facial analysis will identify the displeasing aspects that need to be addressed

The main goal is to establish your wishes. There are 2 solutions:

1- Soft treatment (non surgical): using injectable fillers to relax the mouth muscle and/or Laser to help resurface the skin.

Our surgeons insist on performing these procedures themselves, rather than having their staff provide the services. Despite the extra time it takes, the surgeons feel that their in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy allows for more refined injection techniques. The key to a successful procedure is the maintenance of balance between your upper and lower lips, as well as the appearance of fullness.

The effects usually last three to six months, after which another injection is required. After several treatments, the effects may begin to last longer, occasionally enduring up to eight months. We recommend treatment every three months for the first year, then repeating treatment as often as you and your surgeon deem necessary.

This treatment is provided at the same day of consultation in the office.

2-Surgical treatment: this involves variety of surgical techniques to enhance the shape and volume of the lip. They range from a simple fat injection (using your own fat) to permanent lip enhancement. Unlike soft treatments, surgical procedures give you longer lasting results

Soft treatment: you will have no scars; you will be going home immediately after the treatment, able to drive your own car and reviewed in the clinic in 2 weeks time

Surgical correction: the wound on the under surface of the lip require no dressing, the sutures are dissolvable and require no removal.

Patients will be instructed to have only cold fluids and cold meals for 48hours. Antibiotics may be prescribed.

You will need to come back to the clinic in a week time for wound review

Soft treatment: Short downtime, slight swelling and bruises that will take 4-7 days to resolve. Patients are encouraged to go back to work the next day. You should be back to normal activities in one weeks time.

Surgical correction: The lip will be swollen for 5-10 days depending on the complexity of the procedure. The patient will require a full day’s rest followed by light duties. You should resume normal duties in 7 day’s time.

What Are The Risks Associated With This Procedure?

Plastic surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks and potential complications.

Please read our Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery page.