Facial Slimming

Facial slimming is a popular treatment using anti-wrinkle injections to create a slimmer-looking face.

The treatment can contour the jawline, create a more beautiful, younger-looking face and make the face appear slimmer.

The treatment can also reduce jaw clenching which can also enlarge the masseter muscles of your jaw and cause serious dental problems if not treated properly.

Marjan will strategically place the injections in the masseter muscle of your face to force the thicker facial muscles around the jawline to relax and thin out.

This creates a slimmer-looking face, relaxes the jaw, and results in a softer jawline. The procedure can be used in conjunction with other treatments to create a very effective result.

It takes 3 days to 2 weeks to fully take effect, and a second treatment is recommended around 3-4 months.


Some patients may find the treated area tender and experience slight bruising and swelling but that will soon disappear.

We recommend that you avoid lying down for 4 hours and avoid applying makeup to the treated area.

Avoid active face products such as retinol, vitamin C and AHA’s, and avoid strenuous exercise and massages for at least 24 hours.

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