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Discover how Rejuran’s specialised treatments can help you achieve smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin – now available in Sydney.

Imagine a treatment that goes beyond simply masking skin imperfections and helps your skin heal from within. That’s the power of Rejuran, an innovative Korean skincare solution using polynucleotides (PN) derived from salmon DNA. With three targeted options, Rejuran can address many concerns, giving you a naturally radiant and youthful complexion.

Understanding the Rejuran Treatments

Rejuran Healer: The all-around skin rejuvenator. If you want to improve overall skin quality– reducing wrinkles, smoothing texture, and boosting that healthy glow – this is where to start.

Rejuran S: Designed for those struggling with acne scars. This treatment goes beyond fading marks; it helps your skin actively heal, creating a smoother, more even complexion.

Rejuran I: A lifesaver for tired eyes. Say goodbye to fine lines, dark circles, and dullness around the delicate eye area. This treatment plumps and revitalises for a bright, youthful look.


Why Rejuran is Different

Deep Healing: Rejuran provides more than temporary results; it stimulates your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, leading to long-lasting improvements.

Tailored Approach: Rejuran offers targeted solutions for specific concerns, ensuring you get the best possible results for your unique skin needs.

Natural Revitalization: With its biocompatible formula, Rejuran works harmoniously with your body to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

What to Expect

Personalized Consultation: We’ll discuss your goals and help you choose the Rejuran treatment that best suits your needs.

Comfortable Procedure: The treatment involves microinjections, but we use a topical numbing cream to ensure comfort.

Quick Recovery: While you might have some slight redness afterward, this fades quickly.

Is Rejuran Right for You?

If you’re ready for a skincare solution that delivers real, lasting results, Rejuran could be the answer. Book your consultation today and discover how Rejuran can transform your skin.