Fat Injection – Lipofilling

Lipofilling is the simplest and safest way to restore your natural, youthful appearance. That’s because it uses your own body fat to restore volume to your features. It’s used to rejuvenate areas where the ageing process has broken down your underlying structures. And because it uses your own body fat it’s completely natural and totally safe. There is no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.
This simple procedure, once settled, is undetectable and your recovery time is surprisingly short. And it can also be used to restore your natural beauty in your breasts, buttocks and other areas of your lower body. It can also be used to correct other issues such as the symptoms of a poorly performed liposuction as well as helping with other procedures.
Below are some of the ways Lipofilling can help.

Lipofilling is perfect to replace facial tissue which has broken down over time. Or to enhance your facial features and proportions. This remarkable procedure will make you look – and feel – younger.
It’s also an effective treatment for some wrinkles. Wrinkles form when the underlying structure under your skin breaks down. Rather than stretch the skin over aging muscles or performing an eyelift, lipofilling restores the underlying structure to it’s original condition, giving your skin back the support it needs.

Brow, Upper Eyelids & Temples
As we age, our facial tissue breaks down and the underlying bone structure of our face appears. This includes the shape of our skulls and the rims around our eyes. Often the muscles we use for our facial expressions become more prominent, often giving a frowning or scowling appearance.
As we age further, our eyes appear more deeply set and an empty sac of skin replaces the spot where full, firm muscle was once present.
The good news is that lipofilling quickly and easily restores these areas back to the way they should be.

Chin and Jaw line
One of the first signs of ageing is the loss of fullness in the jawline and chin. The skin actually stays the same size but without a full, underlying structure to fit over it drapes around the rest of the facial structure. This gives the face an almost ‘deflated’ look.
At Australia Plastic Surgery we will restructure your jawline and chin to strengthen it’s appearance. This process restores the shape between your chin and the fat of the jowl. It changes your facial proportions and gives you back a cleaner, more sculpted and sophisticated profile.

Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Grooves (AKA Your Smile Lines)
As the face ages it loses the tightness it had when you were younger.
One area this is most noticeable is the skin around the mouth. As it loses it’s structure, the now unsupported skin sinks, wrinkles and creases. Not only does this make us appear old, it often means we take on the ‘bitter’ or ‘sour’ appearance that many older people have.
That’s right – this is why it actually happens. It usually has nothing to do with your emotional state at all. That appearance is usually a side effect of the ageing process.
Imagine for a moment you could reverse this.
You can! Our structural microfat grafting technique is a simple procedure which returns your nasal labial folds (ie your smile lines) to their natural, youthful state. This gives you back your positive, happy appearance and you’ll be amazed with how confident you suddenly feel.

Cheek bones & Eyelids
Lipofilling is a perfect way to address a number of cheek bones and eyelid issues. It deals with wrinkles and crow’s feet, it can decrease pore size and it can lighten the dark area under your eyelids. It is also ideal to boost the overall fullness and firmness of the area.
You can also create more angular cheeks without invasive surgery, and eliminate the often embarrassing after-effects of acne.
We are also proud to say that is also the perfect disguise for obvious silicone implants, and it can minimise the appearance of bulging eyes and lypodystrophy and many congenital deformities.

Lip Augmentation
If you want fuller, poutier lips then lip augmentation is the procedure you need to consider.
It also restores the fullness to your lips that may have been lost over time. This is common and results in a ‘shrinking’ of the lower lip and wrinkling of the upper lip.
We use our simple “Structural Microfat Grafting Technique”, to increase the surface area of your lips and increase their volume. The key to this treatment is respecting your lips’ natural contours as we introduce more shape and volume. Doing this ensures we restore and enhance their original shape and beauty.

Your neck is traditionally a gauge of your youth and beauty. You need look no further than Ancient Egyptian pictures featuring long, beautiful flowing necks to see this. Of course, as we age the strong structures of our necks wither and shrink away leaving unsupported, wrinkled skin.
However, it is very simple and safe to renew the strength and firmness of your neck with structural micro fat. It’s straight forward, painless and will eliminate wrinkles and disguise any prominent neck cartilage.

Correction of Acne scaring
Acne is a cruel condition, leaving many people with embarrassing and unsightly scars. Worse still, these are often difficult to repair due to years of damage from infections and abscesses destroying the supporting elements under the skin.
That’s why traditional treatments targeting the skin are usually ineffective. They only target the appearance of the skin while failing to target the real issues under the skin. This is only doing half the job.
The only way to properly treat acne scarring is using Structural Microfat Grafting to permanently repair the damage supporting elements under your skin. It’s also the perfect procedure to restore fullness to areas in your forehead, cheeks, jawline and chin.
If you have suffered from years of acne scarring, now is the perfect time to give yourself the unblemished face you were meant to have.

Lipofilling is not just about facial issues. Grafted fat can be used to enhance your buttocks, define your abdomen, create a perfect waistline and reduce scarring. Talk to us about what you’d like to do, and we’ll tell you whether this safe, simple procedure is appropriate.

Our hands are one of our most important features. One of the first contacts we have with people we meet is through our hands, and they are always on show.
Hands which show visible signs of ageing are often a giveaway as to how old we are, or worst still may make us appear older than we actually are.
Lipofilling is a good solution. The key to recreating youthful hands is to create an integrated layer of fat grafts over the back of your hands. This makes the skin look and feel thicker with a feeling of fullness which obscures veins and tendons but does not hide them.

Liposuction deformities
Liposuction is performed more than any other plastic surgery procedure in the world. However, this procedure can produce iatrogenic liposuction deformities. Essentially these are deformities that include exaggerations of pre-existing irregularities, cellulite, and irregularities that are newly created.
The thigh and abdomen are particularly prone to this, and surprisingly many practitioners are ill-equipped to deal with these common side-effects.
The good news is these body surface irregularities can be easily treated with Structural Microfat Grafting. Even though they are often challenging to deal with, our three-dimensional visualization of the problem is often the correct way to create the perfect outcome.