Fillers and Wrinkle Treatments

Fight time and gravity with soft touch plastic surgery at Australia Plastic Surgery

Perhaps nothing is more gratifying for cosmetic patients than having an immediate correction of wrinkles or scars as a result of simple injection. Skin wrinkle filler treatments requires no knife, sutures or downtime. In the aging face there is a loss of skin elasticity, fat and muscle tissue, hence a loss in skin support causes sagging wrinkles and folds.

Results from injectables and fillers can push the clock back few years. Fix any bump or dent in the nose, redefine a slack jaw line, vanish away wrinkles and crows feet. Fillers can also lift sagging brows, and improve the lines in the neck and mouth. Lips and lips borders can be beautifully sculpted with fillers, made to look fuller, giving you a natural beauty look.

Planning your treatment

The treatment is performed on an Outpatient basis and can be done immediately after a consultation if appropriate.

Soft treatment: Includes:

  • Injectable fillers  to improve wrinkles and skin quality, lips enhancement and lifting, eyelids enhancement, facial groove fillings, tear trough filling, and other parts of the body
  • Wrinkle injections to relax muscles and improve wrinkles, targeted face and neck area
  • Laser for skin rejuvenation. If you require Laser, we advise you to start Antiviral treatment one day before the procedure.

The key to the injections is achievement of a balance between your upper and lower lips, while maintaining the appearance of a natural fullness.

The effects usually last three to six months, at which time another injection is required. After several treatments, the effects may begin to last longer, sometimes up to six to eight months. We recommend treatment every three months for the first year, and then repeat treatment as needed.

This treatment is provided at the same day of consultation in the office and may require local anaesthetics. You will be able to drive a car after the treatment.

Soft tissue fillers

Temporary skin fillers can be used to correct small defects in the skin such as fine lines and wrinkles, and to add volume to lips. Coarser fillers can also be used to fill deeper lines in the forehead and around the eyes and mouth, and the deep lines that develop between the nose and the corners of the mouth (naso-labial folds).

Fillers containing coarser particles are more slowly absorbed by the body, and are therefore used for filling deeper folds and augmenting lips and facial contours, whilst finer lines and wrinkles are treated with a product which contains smaller particles and gives a more subtle increase in skin volume. There is no damage to the skin and tissues as the products integrate with adjacent tissues to allow the free passage of vital nutritive elements like oxygen and hormones to pass between fragments of the gel.

Facial, Forehead and Neck wrinkles

For the injection of lines or wrinkles, treatment involves some discomfort, and in occasional cases an anaesthetic cream may be applied up to an hour beforehand. The filler is simply injected in tiny amounts into the skin beneath the area to be treated with a very fine needle. The gel then gives natural volume and smoothen the wrinkles. The results are immediate.

Paris Lips

When enhancing the lips, pain relief in the form of a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area is often used. The procedures generally take around 30 minutes. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment and you can return to work or home straight away. The effects last anywhere between four months to a year, but the length of time is extremely variable. Due to variations in the individual response and also the degree of fullness desired, the complete effect can only be accurately assessed at 3 to 4 weeks after treatment. You can request further treatments at this stage, and can enhance your appearance exactly as you wish.