Wrinkle Solutions


Wrinkle treatment is a very popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Skin treatments range from simple skin products to skin peels, dermabrasion, laser rejuvenation, injectables, surgical subsicion, and potential space fillers. One of the most common forms of [more...]

Wrinkle Solutions2024-06-19T11:21:42+10:00

Skin Peel: Lifting the Layers to More Beautiful Skin


The Glycolic Acid Skin Rejuvenation Program What is Glycolic Acid? It is one of a number of naturally occurring acids, usually found in certain plants and fruits (hence the name “fruit acids”). What effect does Glycolic Acid [more...]

Skin Peel: Lifting the Layers to More Beautiful Skin2024-06-22T14:16:39+10:00

Risk factors of Breast implant


Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnouti discusses the Risk Factors of Breast Augmentation Surgery: All surgical procedures have a small risk of complication inherent to the surgery itself and or to anaesthesia. The risk factors of Breast augmentation [more...]

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Recovery after Breast Augmentation


Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Laith Barnouti explains the recovery period after Breast augmentation Surgery. What will happen in the recovery period after Breast enlargement? Once surgery finished, you will be transferred from the operating theatre to the [more...]

Recovery after Breast Augmentation2024-06-19T11:19:20+10:00
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