Making the most out of your breast augmentation consultation

Have you booked a breast augmentation consultation and looking to make the most out of it? If so, then there are a number of things that you have to prepare for. A good place to start is to learn what you can about breast augmentation.

Now while breast augmentation is considered a fairly routine procedure now days, it is still a surgical operation. The decision on whether to opt for the procedure or not should only be made after considering the cons and pros that the procedure offers if only to make an informed decision. Of course in order to make such a decision, women needs to understand what the operation entails and what to expect following the procedure. A good and reputable breast surgeon ought to help you cover all that during the consultation.

Understand your breast augmentation options

There exist several options that patients will all need to decide on when it comes to breast augmentation. You can expect our breast augmentation specialists here at Australia Plastic Surgery to guide you through process and assist you in making the best decisions based on the results that you desire. Available options will ultimately depend on patient anatomy (breast shape, size, chest, etc).

Some options in breast implants include:

  • The type of implant used for the operation. We almost always use silicone or cohesive gel breast implant for safer and more natural results
  • The shape of the breast implants – round breast, tear drop or anatomic
  • The texture of the breast implants – smooth or textured
  • The location of the incisions to be made – around the areola, through the arm pit or through the breast fold
  • Insertion of the breast implants – under or above the chest muscles

Check out before and after images

Take the time to check out our website for “before and after” images of our recent patients if only to get a good idea about the results that you want out of the operation. Better yet, show and point it out to your breast surgeon during the consultation! View Gallery >>

Your breasts

Take a good look at your own breasts before the consultation. Understand that women’s needs in breast augmentation are unique and that your existing breast anatomy (position, shape and size) will be a significant factor in terms of results. More importantly, don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind – What are the risks? How much will the procedure cost me? How long is the recovery process going to take? Patients need not walk out of the consultation without knowing exactly what they are getting into.

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