rhinoplasty imageWhy the need to undergo a procedure called augmentation rhinoplasty? There are imperfections in peoples noses which can interfere with breathing or even significantly impair vision. Of course as a cosmetic surgical procedure, the primary motivation for most people who chose to undergo the procedure is to improve their appearance. Whichever the case, rhinoplasty is a popular and highly effective solution for such concerns but what does the procedure actually entail?

Undergoing a rhinoplasty operation

Now technically, augmentation rhinoplasty is the strategic and expert use of materials designed to surgically improve nasal appearance. Some of the most popular results desired by patients include broadening the tip of the nose or providing internal support to improve breathing.

Such an operation is typically performed to broaden nasal projection which is often necessary for a better and more desirable appearance. Of course augmentation rhinoplasty can also be performed to correct nasal deformities due to disease or accident or as a result of a botched cosmetic surgical operation.

Now for rhinoplasty, plastic surgeons can use various materials although most surgeons prefer the use of “autologus” tissue over synthetic materials. Such tissues are harvested from the patient’s own body – nasal cartilage can be augmented with the ones harvested from the patient’s ears, ribs or nasal cartilage. Making use of a patient’s own body tissue and bones minimises the possibility of infection and rejection. More importantly, such tissues are stable and relatively easy to harvest and shape.

Of course synthetic grafts in augmentation rhinoplasty also have their benefits particularly when harvesting the patient’s own tissues for the procedure is a less than ideal option. Plastic surgeons often use porous polyethylene as it is easy to obtain and simple to work with. As a synthetic surgical graft, polyethylene is also unlikely to distort and warp.

More importantly, morbidity is also a lot less likely with such a material although as a synthetic graft, there’s always a chance of infection and rejection which can be greatly mitigated with the services of a skilled and highly qualified plastic surgeon – you can expect just that at Australia Plastic Surgery! Book a consultation today and call us on 02 9561 0200 or 1300 004 008!

Patients who want the tip of their nose corrected for a better appearance can make use of structural grafts. Any irregularity in the nasal contour can be treated with cartilage grafts or bone grafts in the case of a poor nasal structure. A good plastic surgeon ought to be able to help you achieve the desired results with an attractive and natural-looking appearance.

Of course rhinoplasty is not for everyone and interested candidates for the procedure will need to undergo a thorough medical examination. Patients need to make sure that their surgeon knows your full medical history – any operations you’ve had in the past, allergies and current medical conditions.

Such tests will help ensure that you are indeed a good fit for the procedure and that every precaution shall be taken to ensure the best possible results in augmentation rhinoplasty.