Eyelid Surgery

//Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery requires careful planning and execution. The eyelid skin is the thinnest in the body and requires gentle handling during blephroplasty surgery.

The upper eyelid excess skin and fat often gives a premature aging appearance. It also causes a functional problem that is obstruction of vision especially when it hangs at or below the lid margins. Another component that may require attention in Upper eyelid surgery is the Fat pad. They are bags of fat that bulges out and produce unsightly appearance. They can be removed or transferred to produce smooth contouring of the eyelid. The resultant scar hides in the natural crease of the eyelid and usually inconspicuous.

Lower eyelid surgery is certainly more demanding techniqually and required comprehensive planning strategy. The surgical planning should address each and every component of lower eyelid aging. These are hypotonic muscle, eye fat bags, excess skin and tear trough areas. Different Surgical manoeuvres are available to address each underlying pathology. The Plastic surgeon will choose the procedures for you that he or she feels it will treat your condition.

The ideal shaped eye is a Diamond shaped as oppose to the “Michael Jackson” round shaped eye. An experienced Plastic Surgeon will be able to produce a diamond shaped eye for you.

Both lower and upper eyelid surgery can be done under local anaesthetics.

It is practical and possible for our “Very Important Patients” from out-of-town to come in for office consultation and discussion with Dr Barnouti or Dr Kohout the day before and then to undergo surgery the next day. Our friendly staff can help give recommendations on reasonable hotel lodgings and logistics.

The patient may have the option of travelling the next day after the procedure and then return on the 5th day for a repeat visit; or to stay in Sydney for 5 days for relaxing time. Some new patients may arrange to visit us during one of their work trip and then come back months later for the procedure during a 5 days vacation in the area.