Man rhinoplasty Sydney imageAre you interested in getting a nose job surgery in Sydney? Such a procedure is also known as “rhinoplasty” as it is technically referred to in the industry taken from 2 Greek words “Rhinos” which means nose and “Plassein” which means to mould or form.

Now people generally opt for rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney for two reasons – aesthetics or reconstruction. Nose jobs can be done purely to enhance a patient’s looks or to improve nasal functions which can be compromised by accidental trauma, injury or physical defects. As a complex cosmetic surgical procedure, nose job cost in Sydney can be rather significant although a lot of people would certainly agree that it’s all well worth it!

A good look at rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney

Indeed getting a nose job in Australia can be a complex affair hence anyone interested in undergoing such an operation needs to know all that they can about it. A nose job operation primarily revolves around making desirable changes in the shape of the nasal bones and cartilage for a more pleasant and desirable appearance.

It is highly recommended for anyone struggling with poorly shaped, misshapen or hump-filled nose. As an invasive surgical procedure, a nose job surgery in Sydney is performed with some type of sedative in the form of either local or general anaesthesia.

A plastic surgeon can perform the procedure in two ways – open or closed rhinoplasty. The latter involves limiting the incisions on the nostrils while an open rhinoplasty expands the incisions to include the columella which is the centre tissue separating the nostrils. In order to work their magic, cosmetic surgeons need to clear skin and tissue from the nasal cartilage and bones and then carefully putting everything back together after doing the desired changes.

As a cosmetic surgical procedure, patients can expect a good plastic surgeon to employ great care and skill to yield aesthetically desirable results which of course includes among other things, creating and patching up the necessary incisions to be as inconspicuous as possible and minimise the possibility of scarring.

The cost of a nose job

In terms of cost, a nose job surgery in Sydney is generally considered an elective procedure performed by a specialist that adds to the cost which can be rather significant for most people interested in the procedure. As an elective cosmetic surgical operation, it’s not typically something that insurance programs would readily cover.

A typical rhinoplasty procedure can cost approximately $6,000 which includes surgeon fees, clinical fees and other expenses. Of course these are just mere estimates and the cost can be much higher depending on the results desired.

The risks of nose surgery

Of course just as it is with any surgical procedure, a nose job surgery certainly has its risks. The risk of infection, excessive bleeding and botched operations are all potential hazards of cosmetic surgery. Significantly mitigating such risks depends on your choice in a plastic surgeon that will actually perform and oversee the procedure.

Needless to say, it is important that you opt for some of the best and you can certainly expect nothing less out of Australia Plastic Surgery! Call us today on 02 9561 0200 or 1800 004 008 to arrange a consultation for a nose job surgery in Sydney.